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Teaser Trailer: ‘Peanuts' - Nov. 6 2015

Points for not being a total desecration.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this!! The animation is so charming and I’m amazed they were able to somehow???? bring the characters to 3D. Major props to Blue Sky for doing something so different from their usual style.


this is gonna be cute.

m….my childhood… ;u;….

That sounds like Snoopy’s original voice. It almost sounds like they used old audio clips for it. I love it.



I’ve been waiting to do this giveaway for two freakin’ months, I swear to god, dude. Thank you to everyone who follows me and puts up with my crap, lol!

SO. I’m giving away my tablet and two copies of Manga Studio Debut 5! If you’ve been too broke to buy this, if you’re just starting out in art or you’re a long-time pro, or if you’re just plain curious, then feel free to participate!

I will be reblogging this multiple times. If you’re tired of seeing it, block the tag: #ms5 giveaway

1st Place: Used Wacom Bamboo Tablet + Manga Studio Debut 5, tablet will come in its original box w/ pen, full set of nibs, original software (despite what the picture shows, this is NOT a wireless device). Seriously, I’m still on my first nib. MS5 will be a new hard-copy shipped separately.
2nd Place: Manga Studio Debut 5, hard-copy.


  • CONTEST RUNS FROM JANUARY 14, 3AM (-8 GMT) to JANUARY 16, 10PM (-8GMT). This is a HARD DEADLINE. If you reblog at 10:01PM I will point and I will laugh. I WILL LAUGH HAHAHA
  • You do not have to be following me to participate!
  • 1 reblog = 1 chance to win! Only your first reblog will count.
  • 1 like =  1 more chance to win, aww yeah baby
  • No giveaway blogs!
  • No alts or duplicate accounts. I want everyone to have a fair chance to win. I’m running off of the honor system here, and I will check for this.
  • Have your ask / submit open, so that I may contact you.
  • You have 24 hours to respond, or I will select another winner. I will notify you multiple times during that 24 hour window, since Tumblr likes to eat asks!
  • 1st Place winner must be okay with giving me their address to receive the tablet. I will keep your information 100% confidential, because I know you will capture me and feed me to the Decepticons. If you are underage, you will need your parents’ permission to give me your address. Seriously bro, it’s not cool to sneak (even though I’m sneaky haha)
  • Winners must have an account with Manga Studio Debut 5 on your wishlist.

I ship Newt x Hermann. :P

I will ship ANYWHERE. This means I will ship to the following locations:

  • Any of the 7 continents on Earth.
  • The Van Allen Belt.
  • The moon.
  • Cybertron.
  • Palaven.
  • A galaxy far, far away.
  • A galaxy somewhere adjacent, in the general area of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • Skyrim (but not Cyrodiil, sorry their import laws are stupid. Blame them not me.)

[About Manga Studio Debut 5]
Manga Studio 5 is the bigger, badder cousin of Manga Studio 4. If you’re curious about how the program works, you can download a demo here.

I own MS EX-5, but there seems to be very little difference between Debut and EX. With Debut, you get the bulk of the powers that EX has: all of the materials, specialized tools such as the perspective ruler, layer properties, etc. Smith Micro’s website lists all of the differences between Debut and EX (I used Debut to design my Knock Out screenshot practice, pictured above).

Manga Studio 5 is a great illustration program with a focus on sequential art. Check it out, you might like it :D

More info on Manga Studio here!


Misty Fly, Lightning Streak, Fleetfoot, and Fire streak. These were originally for an artbook I was going to release with pinups of every member of the wonderbolts, Including stats,bio’s, and an interview with Spitfire. However my track record with payed content is less than stellar, And I’ve lost interest in finishing it. Here are 4 of 6 finished pinups. I’ll post my two favorite in the next post



Presenting my first art CD! This collection contains over 200 pieces I’ve done over the past year IN FULL RESOLUTION! It even Includes the high res files of my “A Night With Futashy” 12 page comic, both SFW and NSFW art conveniently filed in seperate folders, and the CD artwork so you could copy this onto an actual CD!

Its only $7 

To order, Send $7 via Paypal to, Label the order ‘ART CD’ And I will send you a dropbox link. Be warned, the file is about 550MB. You must be 18 or over to order. 

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